Emergency Medicine – Emergency Airway

The Sassy Nurse and A Bougie Intubation

Difficult Airway Management for Rotator Cuff Surgery

Pediatric Laryngoscope Blade Length Selection

Bougie Intubation with the Kiwi Grip

A Pediatric Airtraq Training Video

Flash Pulmonary Edema Emergency

Tracheostomy Replacement Procedure

Intubation of the Elderly with Severe Cervical Kyphosis

A Challenging Tracheostomy Replacement

Suction As You Go" ET Tube Device

Endotracheal Tube Exchange Over a Bougie

Our Airway Complication

Open Airway--Neutral Cervical Spine

Storz C-Mac Intubation for Head GSW Patient

Intubation with the Airtraq Device

Difficult Airways With Video Laryngoscopes

Using the Bougie for Endotracheal Intubation

Storz Videoscope Endotracheal Intubation