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Pain and the Brain

Chronic pain

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Chronic Low Back Pain

The Link Between Acute and Chronic Pain

Back and Neck Pain: Imaging and Non-Operative Interventions

Low Back Pain: Causes Conservative Treatment and Surgical Intervention

Opioid Therapy

Principles of Opioid Prescribing including Safe Practices

Palliative Care and Hospice: Evolving Systems in an Era of Reform

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Music and Medicine: Integrative Models in Pain Medicine

Nerve pain

Chronic Nerve pain

chronic neuropathic pain therapy

Neck pain

Neck Pain

Normal Anatomy:

Muscles     Bones    Nerves

Range of Motion:

Flexion     Extension     Lateral Rotation     Lateral bending

Causes of pain in Neck include:

Muscular Pain:

Strain     Traumatic as in Whiplash     Tension Headaches     Dystonia    Spasmodic Torticollis

Structural Pain

Radiculopathy     Arthritis     DISH      Chiari malformations


Meningitis     Herpes Zoster     Pharyngeal Abscess     Lyme Disease     Subdiaphragmatic Abscess


Spondylitis     Fibromyalgia     Rheumatoid Arthritis     PMR


Tumors     Multiple Myeloma     Neck Metastasis

Referred Pain:

MI/Angina     Subacromial Bursitis     Rotator Cuff Tear      Frozen Shoulder

Apical Lung Tumor     Shoulder Impingement     Esophageal

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Normal Anatomy:

Shoulder Normal Anatomy    Shoulder Nerves     Shoulder Muscles      Shoulder Bones

Shoulder Range of Motion:

Flexion     Extension      Internal Rotation     Extrenal Rotation       Adduction    Abduction

Causes of pain in Shoulder include:


Strain     Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy    Rotator Cuff Tear     Rotator Cuff Impingement       Frozen Shoulder    Biceps tendonitis


Shoulder Joint      Acromioclavicular Joint     Sternoclavicular joint      labral Tear     Dislocation           AC Joint Separation      Biceps tendon Rupture


Herpes Zoster     Lyme Disease     Subdiaphragmatic Abscess


Fibromyalgia     Rheumatoid Arthritis     PMR


Tumors     Multiple Myeloma

Referred Pain:

MI/Angina     Subacromial Bursitis     Rotator Cuff Tear      Frozen Shoulder     Apical Lung

Tumor     Shoulder Impingement     Esophageal