Procedural skills

Basic Medical Procedures

How To Draw Blood

How To Avoid Accidental Needle Stick: Procedures/Guidelines by the CDC

How To Avoid Contamination

How to Dispose of Syringes: Guidelines by the FDA

How to Effectively Wash Hands (Pre-Operative)

How To Examine the Ear, Nose, and Throat

How To Insert IV Catheter

How to Measure PT and PTT Lecture

How To Perform a Nasal Swab I

How To Perform a Nasal Swab II

How To Take a Pulse

How To Use a Glucometer

How to Use Hand Sanitizer

How to Wash the Ear

Infectious Disease Precaution

Intramuscular Injection

Measuring Blood Pressure

Measuring Temperature

Respiratory Rate

Specimen Collection for Culture: Techniques Lecture

Sub Q Injection

Weight Measuring


How To Check for Abdominal Aortic Aneurism

How To Do An Abdominal Exam

How To Diagnose Abdominal Hernias

How To Do Ankles/Feet Exam

How To Check for Ascites

How to Check for Bowel Sounds

How To Do a Cardiovascular Exam

How To Do Cervical Exam

How To Do A Chest Wall Examination

How to Perform an Cranial Nerves Examination

How To Check For Deep Tendon Reflexes

How To Perform An Ear Examination

How To Do Elbow Exam

How To Perform An Eye Examination

How To Diagnose Femoral Hernia

How To Do A Fluorescein Eye Exam

How To Perform a Fundoscopic Exam

How To Do Hands and Wrist Exam

How to Perform A Head/Neck Examination post-trauma

How To Perform a Hips Examination

How To Diagnose Inguinal Hernia

How To Do Knees Exam

How To Check for Kidney Inflammation/Infection (Kidney Examination)

How To Check for Liver Enlargement

How To Do a Lung Exam

How To Perform a Lumbar Spine Examination

How to Perform A Mouth Examination

How To Perform Neurologic Examination

How To Do Neuromuscular Motor Exam

How to Perform A Nose Examination

How To Diagnose Paget’s Disease

How To Perform a Peripheral Arterial Study

How To Do Sensory Exam

How To Perform Shoulder Exam

How To Do Thoracic Spine Examination

How To Check For Spleen Enlargement

How To Perform a TMJ Exam

How to Perform a Thyroid Exam

Non-Invasive Procedures

How To Administer Flu Nasal Spray

How To Perform Allergy Testing

How To Run a Code

How To Perform CPR

How To Perform Defibrillation

How To Do an Echocardiogram

How to do an Exercise Stress Test

How To Do a Nerve Conduction Study

How To Perform/How To Determine Need for Oxygen Therapy

How To Do a Pulmonary Function Test

How To Do Sleep Study

Invasive Procedures

How to Read Abdominal Paracentesis Fluid Results

How To Do Amniocentesis

How To Do an Appendectomy

How To Do a Barium Swallow with Small Bowel Follow Through

Analysis of Bronchoalveolar Lavage

Bronchoalveolar Lavage

How To Do a Bronchoscopy

How to Do Cervical Injections

How To Insert a Chest Tube

How To Do First CMC joint injection/Aspiration

How To Perform A Colonoscopy

How To Do a Colosystectomy

How To Read CSF Fluid Analysis Results

How to Dilate Esophagus

Wound Dressings/How To Dress a Wound

How To Do Epidural Injection/Aspiration

How to Do an ERCP

How To Do Facet Injection/Aspiration

How To Do Foot/Ankle Injection and Aspiration

How To Do a Golfer Elbow Injection/Aspiration

How To Do Hand Joint Injection/Aspiration

How To Do Hip Joint Injection/Aspiration

How to Perform Horizontal Mattress Sutures

How To Do Knee Injection/Aspiration

How To Diagnose and Read Pleural Effusion Results

How To Do Shoulder Joint Injections/Aspiration

How To Do SI joint Injection/Aspiration

How To Do Soft Tissue Injections

How To Do Subacromial Injections

How To Perform a Sygmoidoscopy

How To Do Tender Point Injections in the Upper Back and Neck

How To Do a Tennis Elbow Injection/Aspiration

How To Perform a Total Elbow Joint Replacement

How To Perform a Total Hand Joint Replacement

How To Perform a Total Hip Replacement

How To Perform a Total Knee Replacement

How To Perform Total Shoulder Replacement

How To Do a Transesophagael Echo (Under Anesthesia)

How To Do Trochanteric Bursa Injection/Aspiration

How To Do Wrist Injection/Aspiration

Radiography/How To Read Scans/Laboratory Testing

How To Read CT/MRI of Abdomen

How To Do an Ultrasound of the Abdominal Aorta

How To Read Ultrasound of Abdomen/Right Upper Quadrant

Ankle Imaging

How To Do an Arteriogram

How To Do A Bone Scan

How to Read Bone Scan (Lecture Slides)

How to Read MRI of Brain

How To Do a Cardiac Catheterization

How To Do a Carotid Angiography

How To Do an Ultrasound of Carotid Artery

How To Do a Cerebral Angiogram

Cervical Spine Imaging

How To Read CT of the Chest

How to Read X-Ray of the Chest

How to Read CT/MRI/X-rays of the Sinuses

How To Do an EEG

How To Interpret EEG Results

How To Do an EKG

Elbow Imaging

How To Do an EMG

How To Interpret EMG Results

Hands and Wrist Imaging

Hip Imaging

Knee Imaging

How To Do a Lumbar Puncture

Gallium Scan of Lungs: What It Is

How To Read Ultrasound of Lower Quadrants

How To Do a Mesenteric Angiogram

MRA: Results and Interpretation

How To Analyze Muscle Biopsy Results

How To Do Muscle Biopsy

How To Do a Renal Angiogram

Shoulder Imaging

How To Read SI joint X-ray/CT/MRI

How To Do a Thallium Cardiac Scan/Nuclear Stress Test

Thoracic Spine Imaging

How to Read Ultrasound of the Thyroid

How To Read TMJ Radiology

How To Do Upper GI Series

How To Do a Venogram

How To Do a Venous Doppler Test

How To Do a VQ Scan