Welcome. I am Doctor Rezaian.

My goal is to challenge the world of medical education with the new realities of tuition-free online learning and make medical education accessible to everyone, regardless of location or income.

Ten years ago, one of my patients was traveling through Africa and became terribly sick. While striving to help her, I was amazed by the trouble she had to go through to get medical help due to the lack of accessible health care in the region.

That was the moment when I saw firsthand the disparity of health care resources between developed and low- and middle-income countries. Because of this gross imbalance, we have decided to fight the inequality of medical resource distribution with the help of modern technology. 

We help people dream bigger and achieve their goals of making a change through accessible online education and contribution to the local community.

Let’s challenge the status quo together.

Here’s the deal.

On average, it takes six to ten years and over $200,000 in loans to become a fully trained medical professional. Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of the population can afford this luxury.

Doctors from low- and middle-income countries are drawn by the lucrative salaries of first-world countries and leave their countries in search of better income. Today, for example, more Malawi doctors work in Manchester, England than in Malawi, a country struggling with a heavy burden of mortal diseases. Likewise, 10 percent of Indian doctors now practice outside of India, while over 32 percent of the rural population in the country is still forced to travel long distance for basic medical care.

The brain drain from developing countries is huge. Teach Me Medicine’s virtual medical school has assumed the role of fixing the problem of unequal health care resource distribution by offering tuition-free medical education without borders.

To enroll, students just need a laptop, connection to the World Wide Web, a secondary or high school diploma, and a sponsorship from a health care provider.

For the past two years, we have worked extensively on crafting an effective and comprehensive medical education platform for basic and clinical sciences curricula.

Now, we are taking the next step and further expanding our reach by building partnership agreements with local health facilities in different areas to ensure that Teach Me Medicine students can get internship placements and make a real change within their communities.

By expanding the affordable training base for medical professionals today, together, we can save millions of lives in the future!

Everyone has the right to receive proper treatment. Don’t stand aside.

Join us and help the world become a safer place tomorrow.