About Us

Our virtual medical school is here to challenge the status quo.

With just eight doctors for every hundred thousand people in twenty African countries compared to eight hundred doctors for every hundred thousand people in the United Kingdom, we believe the world needs a better balance when it comes to health care.

Teach Me Medicine was established to correct the unequal distribution of medical care in low- and middle-income countries. Today, approximately 1.3 billion people around the world have no access to basic medical care.  

To address this shortage, there is an estimated need to train over four million medical professionals to meet the health care needs of these unattended areas. With the average tuition fee of $30,000 per year and total cost of $200,000 to $300,000 to become a physician, we face a bottleneck.

Teach Me Medicine’s virtual school can help solve this problem.

Teachmemedicine.org is a privately funded nonprofit and tuition-free virtual medical school. This virtual medical school is open 24/7. The training it offers includes extensive online resources and practical onsite clinical training.

We have created an educational platform that makes tuition-free medical education available to everyone through online classes, reviews, video lecture series, education modules, and treatment algorithms. This extensive platform has created an opportunity to train students and laypeople in rural and underserved areas to become basic health care providers or medical assistants in their local communities.

Our virtual medical school is here to help providers and patients adapt to the new realities of online medical education. For areas with poor or expensive internet access, we can provide resources on a hard drive or a laptop computer.

We provide the classroom side of medical education while students work in local clinics to learn the practical side of medicine. We assist in locating internship placements for all students with local medical clinics or physicians.

Students learn basic science including anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology through online classes. For those working in rural communities, additional training is given in immunization, basic care for women and children, water purification, and sanitation. Practical aspects of medical care and various medical procedures are taught in clinics by health care providers. Once fully trained, we believe students can bring much-needed basic health care to rural and underserved areas.

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