About Us

Teachmemedicine.org, a distinguished non-profit virtual medical institution, has witnessed remarkable transformative strides during its illustrious 7-year history. The unwavering support from private funding sources has facilitated the laudable provision of tuition-free education since 2017. Originally established with the primary objective of equipping aspiring medical scholars in low- and middle-income countries with unparalleled problem-solving acumen for the intricate diagnosis and adept management of diverse medical conditions, a paradigm-shifting momentous event ensued in November, marked by the advent of ChatGPT.

The introduction of ChatGPT heralded a profound revolution in our pedagogical approach, transcending conventional boundaries. A rich reservoir of medical wisdom became readily accessible, enabling the attainment of notably precise diagnoses through the meticulous communication of intricate case details to ChatGPT. Remarkably, this opportunity now extends inclusively to all students. A comprehensive analysis of our engagement with ChatGPT over the past six months, and more recently with Google Bard, has yielded compelling evidence, delineating a direct correlation between the level of contextual depth conveyed to ChatGPT and the veracity of the responses received.

Students’ dynamic interactions with ChatGPT foster an enriched diagnostic experience, empowering them to pose astute follow-up questions, thereby honing the precision of responses. This newfound synergy in the learning process culminates in an enhanced journey toward diagnostic mastery. As consummate educators, our pedagogical role has evolved into one of nurturing clinical mentorship, ardently guiding students along their transformational path to consummate clinicians. Leveraging the boundless potential of ChatGPT as an influential instrument, we are steadfastly devoted to refining their clinical aptitude and imparting unwavering guidance, enkindling within them the embers of unparalleled excellence as they embark upon their prestigious vocation within the healthcare domain.

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