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Endocrinology Module Examination

We use TalentLMS learning management software (LMS) for examinations. LMS is all about two main activities: giving students access to both pertinent basic science and clinical contents, as well as testing their understanding of it.


Since there is a large amount of information, regular quizzes are useful for checking that students remember everything they have covered so far. Quizzes even work well for repetition purposes, reviewing what students already learned before they move on to the next point.


Learning in abstract often makes it hard to recall and retain. Therefore practice is very important in any course. Practice is particularly important for students who may not use the new skills forthwith. Simulations are a must for teaching creative ways to find solutions and carry out diagnostic exercises.

Multiple Choice

This is perhaps the most common question type ― the one in which the students has to pick one (or more) entries from a list of possible answers.


This allows instructors to create a pool of questions and answers from which TalentLMS can draw a randomized (for each student) set of questions when creating a test.

Final test

Final examination allows you to assess whether students have learned and are qualified following this training module. After completion of the above module and when you ready to take the final examination Click here to send us an email. We will then send you information about how to proceed with taking the examination.