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Role of Epigenetics in Human Diseases

Genomic Variants and Variations in Malformations of Cortical Development

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Nutritional Genomics, Polyphenols, Diets, and Their Impact on Dietetics

Genomics in public and population health

Ethical legal and social issues in clinical genomics

Biobanking for genomics based translational medicine

The Regulation of human genome research

Genomics of complex cardiovascular diseases

Genomics diabetes mellitus and obesity

Genomics and genomics of chronic kidney diseases

Genetics and genomics of chronic inflammatory

Genetics and genomics of neuro psychiatric diseases

Clinical Cancer genomics

Genetic Infectious diseases

Genomic perspective of clinical immunology

Genomics application in clinical pediatric

Genetic and genomics of skin diseases

Molecularly targeted therapy for medline disorder

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The Future of Genomic Medicine Lectures

The Future of Genomic Medicine Lecture

The Future of Genomic Medicine – Anne Wojcicki, Richard Lifton and Eric Green

Genome-Wide Association Studies Lecture

Genomic Landscapes Lecture

The Genomic Landscape circa 2012 – Eric Green

Regulatory and Epigenetic Landscapes of Mammalian Genomes – Laura Elnitski (2012)

The Genomic Landscape circa 2014 – Eric Green

Genomic Medicine Lectures

Genomic Medicine – Bruce Korf (2014)

Genomic Medicine Challenge: Translating Basic Research

Genomic Medicine – Bruce Korf (2012)

Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code Lecture

The Human Genome and Individualized Medicine Lecture

Mining Data from Genome Browsers Lecture

Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies Lecture

Practicing Precision Medicine in Cancer Using Genomics Lecture