Palliative Medicine

Faces Of Palliative Care

Palliative Care: History & Advocacy

Palliative Care – Research on Aging

Palliative Care 2020: The Future of Palliative Care

Understanding Palliative Care

Emergencies in Palliative Care

Palliative Care in the ICU

Pediatric Palliative Care

Palliative Care Australia Education Forum, May 2012 – Highlights

Euthanasia, Palliative Care and Power

Role of the Pharmacist in Palliative Care

International progress in creating palliative medicine as a specialized discipline and the development of palliative

Essentials Medicine for palliative care

Policy in palliative care

The epidemiology of death and symptoms planning for population based palliative care

Predicting survival in patients with advanced diseases

Defining the good Death

Ethnic and cultural aspects of palliative care

The economic challenges of palliative medicine

Barriers to the delivery of palliative care

Palliative care delivery of palliative care

Palliative care in the emergency department

Palliative care in the nursing home

The core team and the extended team

Teaching and Training in palliative medicine

Nursing and palliative care

Social Work in palliative care

Occupational Therapy in palliative care

Music Therapy in palliative care

The contribution of the dietitian and nutritionist to palliative care

Physiotherapy in palliative care

Speech and language therapy in palliative care

Stoma therapy in palliative care

Clinical psychology in palliative care

Medical rehabilitation and the palliative care patient

Burnout compassion fatigue and moral distress in palliative care

Integrative oncology in palliative medicine

Human Right Issues


Truth telling and consent

Ethics in pediatric palliative care

Dignity and palliative end of life care

Euthanasia and palliative care

Withholding and withdrawing life sustaining treatment(incloud)

Communication with the patient and family

Communication between professionals

Communication with the public politicians and the news media

Palliative care needs assessment tools

Informatics and literature search

Oral Care

Sleep Disorders

The management of bleeding

Sexual dysfunction discossing patient sexulity and intimacy in palliative care

Principles of drug therapy focus on opioid

Opioid therapy optimizing analgesia outcomes

Non Opioid Analgesics

Adjuvant Analgesic

Interventional approaches for chronic pain

Neurostimulation in pain management

Rehabilitation medicine approaches to pain management

Psychological and psychiatric interventions in pain control

Complementary therapies in pain management

Pediatric pain control

Palliation of nausea and vomiting

Constipation and Diarrhea

Aetiology classification assessment and treatment of the anorexia cachexia syndrome

Skin problems in palliative care


Radiotherapy in symptom management

The role of general surgery in the palliative care of patient with cancer

Interventional radiology in the palliation of cancer

Cancer induced bone pain

Visceral pain

Endocrine and metabolic complications of advanced cancer

Bowel Obstruction

Skin problems in oncology

Palliative issues in the care of patient with cancer of the head and neck

Hiv Aids

Carin for the patient with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

Advanced Heart Diseases


Neurological Thisorthers other than dementia

End Stage kidney disease

Palliative medicine in the intensive care unit

Talking with families and children about the death of a parent

Palliative medicine and care of the elderly

Spiritual issues in palliative medicine

Depression Demoralization and suicidality


The Family Perspective


Management of the actively dying patient

Sedation at the end of life

Research in palliative care

The principles of evidence based medicine

Understanding clinical trial in palliative care research

Qualitative Research

Ethical issues in palliative care research

Quality of life in palliative care