Trauma Surgery

Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage (DPL) - Dennis Kim, MD

Surgical Cricothyroidotomy - Dennis Kim, MD

Chest Tube Insertion - Dennis Kim, MD

Ultrasound Evaluation of the Ab Aorta

Emergency Tracheostomy, Epistaxis, and Soft Tissue Surgery

Trauma In Pregnancy

Training & Simulators

Topical Sealants

Role of Effective Telecommunications on Trauma Care

Pediatric Abdominal Trauma

Management of Pelvic Fractures with a Focus on Hemorrhage Control - R. Coimbra, MD

Abdominal Vascular Injuries

OR Resuscitation: When, How, Why? - J. Lee, MD

Blast Injuries - B. Potenza, MD

Duodenal-Pancreatic Trauma Injuries - V. Bansal, MD

Splenic Trauma: Debate to Embolize or Operate

Extra-Abdominal Damage Control Surgery - R. Coimbra

Chest Trauma - J. Lee

Challenges in Disaster - J. Doucet

Ready for Anything: Critical Care Emergency Preparedness (CCEP) - J. Doucet, MD

Penetrating Cardiac Injuries

Blunt Hepatic Trauma: Current Management

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Injuries: A Trauma Surgeon’s Bane - V. Bansal